Association Advocacy

Seven associations in Wisconsin are working together to improve transit and rail and bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure and funding. These groups, together, spent less than $100,000 on lobbying. The bulk of transportation money in Wisconsin goes to new road building and lane expansion projects, leaving essential road and bridge repair lacking. The folks supporting lane expansions and new roadways in Wisconsin spent more than $5,000,000 in 2013.

The links to the left will redirect you to the identified organization's web page. The seven associations are working together to promote transit and active transportation, effective and efficient Non-Emergency Medical Transportation, Wisconsin based transportation brokerages and better coordination and communication within the industry and between providers and passengers. The last button is a summary of transit recommendations from the 2013 Transportation Policy and Finance Commission Report. The recommendations are still good for Wisconsin though they have never been more than recommendations.

Public Comment

From time to time, we will list opportunities for public comment on transit and transportation items that are pertinent to mobility management. Please check back if you don't see anything listed today.