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Wisconsin Association of Mobility Managers

Mobility Managers in Wisconsin operate shared-ride taxi services, intercity buses, local transit and paratransit services, teach people how to use transit, coordinate trips between agencies, manage volunteer driver programs, educate communities about transportation options, organize van pools and car pools, run one call centers and much more.  If you need to get from where you are to anywhere else, a mobility manager can help you find the most efficient, the most cost effective or the most creative way of making the trip!

This site is for Mobility Managers, people trying to get around in Wisconsin without using a personal vehicle and anyone interested in improving transportation in Wisconsin. Scroll down to see a map locating Mobility Managers in Wisconsin!

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Mobility Managers in Wisconsin

Click here for an accessible list of Wisconsin's Mobility Managers

WAMM is an incorporated 501(c)6 Wisconsin organization.